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Sanad,Optical character recognition

Empowering Your Business with AI: How Sanad's Cutting-Edge OCR Technology Enhances Human Talent and Drives Digital Success

Sanad is optical character recognition software created by our parent company PROVEN Solution. It is led by a team of developers whose passion lies in allowing businesses of any size and stature to utilize the incredible capabilities of AI and machine learning to thrive in the digital age. As an industry leader in providing emerging technologies, we have always believed in the talents of human beings, and our products are designed to augment and assist people in your organization, not replace them.


What We Offer

Optimizing Data Management: From High-Precision Extraction to Enhanced Workflow Efficiency with Sanad

High-Accuracy Data Identification

Sanad’s machine learning algorithms provide high-accuracy data identification and extraction.

Automated Document Classification

Sanad automatically classifies documents based on content, streamlining document processing workflows.

Key Data Extraction for Enhanced Service

Sanad extracts key data from documents, enhancing customer service, fraud prevention, and decision-making.

Data Validation for Compliance

Sanad validates extracted data, ensuring accuracy and completeness for regulatory compliance and error reduction.

Benefits of Sanad

Streamline Your Workflow: Effortless Data Handling and Enhanced Employee Support in Finance and Accounting

Automate data extraction in English or Arabic.

Specialised models for finance, banking, and accounting.

Easy to use and fully automated.

Augment and assist human workers.