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We collaborate with leading technology partners to provide our clients with the best-in-class solutions

A global leader in robotic process automation (RPA)

UiPath is at the forefront of robotic process automation (RPA), transforming business workflows with its intuitive and efficient automation tools. Integrating advanced AI, it streamlines repetitive tasks, boosts productivity, and drives innovation, making it a vital asset for modern, forward-thinking companies.

A provider of enterprise integration and business process management solutions.

Software AG, a global leader in enterprise management software, excels in enabling organizations to digitize and optimize business operations. With a suite of advanced solutions in integration, IoT, analytics, and process management, Software AG empowers businesses to connect systems, harness data insights, and adapt to rapidly changing market demands, fostering a seamless digital transformation journey.

Process Mining and Process Modeling

Celonis is a software company that offers a platform for process intelligence and process mining. Process mining is a technology that extracts data from event logs in IT systems to visualize, analyze, and optimize business processes. Process modeling is a technique that allows users to design, execute, and monitor their processes using graphical representations.

A global leader in robotic process automation (RPA)

Automation Anywhere is an American global software company that develops robotic process automation software. Founded in 2003, the company is headquartered in San Jose, California

A provider of corporate performance management solutions.

BOARD International is a prominent provider of corporate performance management solutions, specializing in helping businesses enhance their decision-making processes. With a focus on integrating business intelligence, performance management, and advanced analytics, BOARD’s all-in-one platform enables companies to gain a comprehensive view of their performance, streamline reporting, and drive strategic planning, ensuring a more efficient and data-driven approach to corporate management.

Statistical Analysis System

SAS is a comprehensive software suite renowned for its versatility in addressing diverse data-related challenges. With a robust foundation in data management, SAS empowers organizations to efficiently handle and manipulate vast datasets. Its advanced analytics capabilities enable users to extract valuable insights through sophisticated statistical methods, multivariate analysis, and predictive analytics.

data science and analytics

Alteryx is a software company that provides a platform for data analytics, data science, and process automation. The Alteryx Platform allows users to access, prepare, model, and visualize data using drag-and-drop tools and a visual canvas. Alteryx integrates with various data sources and cloud services, and offers code-free, code-friendly, and customizable analytics tools

Process Platform to accelerate digital transformation

Nintex is a software company that provides a platform for process management and workflow automation. The Nintex Platform allows users to discover, automate, and optimize their business processes with no code1. Nintex integrates with various ecosystems such as SharePoint, Salesforce, and SAP.