Webinar Registration at Proven Consult

Proven Consult, in partnership with AktivKonsultan, invites you to attend our webinar titled

AI and Intelligent Automation in the Service Sector: Banking, Finance and Insurance

Taking place on September 17, 2020, 11:00AM Dubai time, 2:00PM Jakarta time. Speakers from both companies will provide input and time will be dedicated for follow-up questions. The event is taking place via Zoom.

Technologized processes have historically shown a rapid growth; tough to track and requiring a dedicated set of eyes to understand. Business processes have been central in this scenario for decades; as business people, we are always first to hop on the train of change, rushing towards growth and progress.

As technology’s latest and most fascinating offering, AI, penetrates our daily lives on deeper levels, business adapts, turning every tech win into an advantage. This is not exclusive to one industry or market. On the contrary, we will all be part of the AI revolution at one point or the other. Today, however, industries like banking, finance and insurance are leaders in implementing AI tech and Intelligent Automation to provide services. This is perhaps because these industries serve businesses as well as people, catering to multiple client groups using multiple, different strategies. Automation was inevitable, with the growing populations and growing markets worldwide.

There will be time for a Q&A discussion.